Is A Mini-Destination Right For You?

mini-destination wedding

Mini-destination weddings are on the rise.  I personally think this is the best way to have a wedding.  Here’s a few ways to know whether this weekend wedding thing is right for you.

What is it, anyway?

A mini-destination wedding is one that gets you out of town, without travelling too far.  Also known as weekend weddings or domestic destinations, you’ll generally be at a location you and most of your guests can drive to.  It’s the perfect way of getting out of town without making everyone renew their passport!  You can check out this real wedding mini-destination post for a great example.

A mini-destination might be right for you if…

You need to separate your wedding from regular life stresses.

If you think you or your guests will have a hard time saying no to other commitments during your wedding weekend, then getting a little ways out of town could be the right fit for you.  It can be a bit of a mood killer to drive past your office on your wedding day when you know there’s a pile of deadlines waiting on your desk.

mini-destination wedding fun
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You want a longer party.

The nature of any destination wedding means more time with your guests.  If you think you’d like to celebrate and spend time together for more than just one night, consider a mini-destination.  You get to party for a whole weekend…but still avoid having to spend an entire week with anyone who might start grating on you.

You want a little more input into planning.

A full destination wedding usually means placing all of your wedding plans into the hands of an on-site coordinator.  That can be a little scary for even the most laid-back couples.  A closer destination means you can be more involved in the planning by making a couple of shorter visits to the location.  You’re able to meet with vendors in person, tour the site, and check out the local attractions.  It’s still great to have an on-site coordinator to take care of the details.  But this way you can still be more hands on.

You want a bigger guest list.

While any type of destination means having a little smaller guest list, a mini-destination might be right for you if you don’t want to cut it down quite so much.  Travelling can be challenging for guests for a variety of reasons.  A mini-destination means less money, less time, and less international hassle than a full blown destination.

Think a mini-destination is right for you?  I’d love to chat about your ideas!  Weekend weddings are kinda my thing.  So even if you don’t need a planner drop a comment below and let me know your plans.  I love to hear all the unique ideas couples have!

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