Real Wedding: Fall Colours

fall wedding riverside park

Nancy and Chris had the perfect fall wedding.  The air was crisp, the leaves were crunchy and their love was all the warmth they needed.  Many couples may not be brave enough to plan an outdoor wedding for the end of September, but nothing would stop Nancy from getting the day of her dreams!  And her bravery paid off, their Riverdside park wedding was autumn perfection.  Each detail came together perfectly.  Nancy and Chris had done a beautiful job of planning the perfect day and it was my pleasure to bring it to life on their big day.  Here’s a peak inside their dream day.

Fall Wedding Perfection

Fall wedding dress
Fall wedding mom.

Nancy made a stunning bride.  Her dress was perfect for her, and she looked like she was floating around the room in it.  The quiet moments she shared with their newborn son were even more perfect and made this day extra special.

Fall wedding gentlemen

Chris and his boys were dapper in their tan suits.  Every detail had been thought out and came together to create a gorgeous fall wedding.

Fall wedding rings
Chris and Nancy’s little dog carried the rings tied to his adorable burlap collar.
Fall wedding details
Fall wedding details

Riverside park was the perfect setting, with the ceremony set up among the colourful trees.  The ground and branches were covered in stunning leaves creating a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony.

Fall wedding details
Fall wedding details.
Fall wedding details.
Fall wedding aisle.
Fall wedding arch.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in neutrals allowed the flowers to really stand out and show off the amazing vibrant colours in them.

Fall wedding flowers.
Fall wedding style
Fall wedding kiss.

The reception at the Palliser Pavilion continued the rich fall colours.  Chris custom built the beautiful backdrop for the head table, as well as the popcorn bar table.  What talent!

Fall wedding reception.
Fall wedding centrepiece.
Fall wedding reception.

That cake though!  Covered in berries, flowers, and macaroons, it was almost too beautiful to taste!

Fall wedding cake.

Guests loved the popcorn bar and kept coming back for more all night long!

Fall wedding popcorn.
Fall wedding popcorn.
Fall wedding popcorn.

Chris and Nancy were so happy to have each other and their joy was contagious!

Fall wedding fun.

Three Things to Steal

Here’s my top three things to steal from Nancy and Chris’s special day.

1. Be Yourself

Fall was Nancy’s favourite season and she went for it, even thought it’s not the traditional season for weddings.  Not everyone would be brave enough to try an outdoor wedding at the end of September, especially on the prairies.  But with proper planning and coordination, it was stunning and perfectly their style.  Don’t be afraid to do something unusual, even if people tell you you’re crazy.  Find a planner who will listen to your crazy ideas and help you come up with a way to bring them to life!

2. Vibrant Colours

With a lot of weddings trends heading toward neutrals and greenery, don’t forget that colours can be elegant too.  When you pair them with solid neutrals, colours add energy and life to your day.

3. Have Fun!

Chris and Nancy smiled and laughed their way through the whole day.  Their joy spread through to their guests, who enjoyed a wonderful day of celebrating.  If you’re worried about being stressed on your wedding day, do what Nancy did and hire a coordinator.  That way you can rest easy that your day is in good hands, and you can focus on the things that really matter.  When you do that, you can’t help but smile all day!

It was such a joy working with Chris and Nancy and their families on this beautiful day.  Maybe someday they’ll have a vow renewal so we can do it all over again!

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