For orders which are placed greater than 1 week in advance of the event : a 30% non-refundable deposit is required on all bookings valued over $160 before taxes.  In the case of a postponement or cancellation, your deposit is transferable to a new event or event date.

Full wedding planning services require the remaining balance to be paid monthly on the first of each month until the wedding.

In the event that any payments should fail to be made within seven calendar days following the due date, this agreement shall be rendered null and void, and we will provide no further work or services for your event. 

Full payment is due one day after the event.

In the event that your bank due to non-sufficient funds returns a payment, a charge of $50 will be levied. 


Upon return, items will be counted and inspected.  Any damaged or missing items will be charged at full replacement value.


Services may continue to be updated after making the deposit.  One week prior to the event you will be sent a confirmation email.  Please review all reservation details before confirming.  No changes may be made to the reservation after this point.

It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes in a timely manner. We shall not be held liable for any changes made by you or your selected service providers.


Truck Only:

  • $20 minimum charge for delivery and again for retrieval (if elected) within Swift Current.
  • $2/loaded km outside of Swift Current.  Capped at $300.
  • Free warehouse pickup and return is available.

Truck & Trailer:

  • $50 flat rate within Swift Current. ($100 for full delivery and retrieval)
  • $3.00/loaded km outside of Swift Current.  Minimum charge of $50.  Capped at $450.
  • $3.75/loaded km for a fully loaded trailer with the large tent and Full Setup Service included. Capped at $550
  • Free warehouse pickup and return is available.

Mileage is charged based on loaded km to location, separately for delivery and pickup.  Ie. you will be charged for delivery, and pickup separately.

*Shipping charges generated by the website are subject to review by staff.

If your order is to be delivered we will stack the items at ground level. Additional charges may apply if our delivery crew needs to carry items up or downstairs or use an elevator.  After your event, the rental order will need to be placed in the same location.


For services without delivery of items.  If we are required to travel more than 10 km from Swift Current, SK, a mileage rate of $0.61/km will be assessed to and from the city centre. This amount will be due prior to each meeting outside the area. 
If the event will be taking place more than 100 km from Swift Current, SK, each staff member must be provided with hotel accommodations for the night prior to and the night of the wedding. A food allowance of $60 per day/per person must also be provided. This amount will be invoiced and paid with the completed order.


For event planning and coordination services. When your event includes a meal, in order to properly perform our responsibilities, our staff will require a meal at the reception in the main dining room with your guests.  This allows us to assure the quality of food and service, as per your contract with the venue. This will also allow us to stay on top of all details throughout the reception.  If an assistant/s is required to stay for the duration of the reception, they will also require a full wedding meal, in the main dining room, at a guest table, in order to properly perform their duties.


If you choose to reschedule or postpone your event date, once confirmed, proper written notice must be provided to us, by email, stating your intention to reschedule the event date and if known, identify the new date for the event (“Rescheduled Event Date”). 

You understand that any expenses including, but not limited to the Planner/Coordinator, Vendor, or other third party deposits, retainers, initial payments and fees, which are non-refundable and non-transferable are your sole responsibility (the Clients).  One rescheduled event date will be provided at no charge.  Further rescheduling will result in additional fees based on the service provided.


If you’re looking to return or exchange a retail order for whatever reason, we’re here to help! We offer free returns within 30 days of purchase. You can return your retail product for store credit, a different product, or a refund to the original payment method.

Please note the following exceptions to our return and refund policy:

  • Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Returned items must have tags still on and be returned in original product packaging
  • Returned items must have no visible signs of wear or use

To initiate a return, please email hello@grasslandsevents.ca.

You may cancel a service contract at any time, for any reason, provided five days’ written notice is given. If Grasslands Events or our staff cancel this contract, we will complete all work until the next payment is due. There shall be no refund of payments made prior to the date of cancellation. You will be a client of Grasslands Events. If, for unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to complete work on this event for reasons other than a personality dispute, one of our assistants and/or colleagues of equal or similar professional experience will be provided to execute and manage the event listed herein. As the contracted company, Grasslands Events reserves the right to select a replacement best suited to perform and uphold the professional level of services for your event.


Any vendor or venue is suggested solely based on their merit. Grasslands Events nor our staff take kick-backs or finder’s fees from venues or vendors. As a wedding planning client, you will only be shown venues that fit with your style, theme and budget, likewise with vendors. We further understand that our role where vendors are concerned, is to be that of an advisor, and that it shall be you, who makes all final decisions on the choice of vendors. We will implement your selections based on your service selection. 


By signing this document, you also give us the right to use images from your wedding in our personal portfolio, as well as on the Grasslands Events website and social media only. No images obtained at your wedding will be used for advertisement campaigns, unless further written approval is obtained from you. 


Grasslands Events nor our ownership or staff will be liable for failure of, or delay, in the performance of this agreement if such failure or delay is the result of causes beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to any acts of God or Superior Force,(including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster): war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), riot, civil strife, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, nationalisation; act of terrorism, domestic or foreign; embargo; governmental rule, order, regulation or decree; strike, lockout, or other labour disturbance; pandemic, epidemic, public health emergency, outbreak of communicable disease; or any other events or circumstances not within the reasonable control of the party affected, whether similar or dissimilar to any of the foregoing. Upon occurrence of any force majeure event, the party relying upon this provision shall give notice, as soon as reasonably possible, to the other party of its inability to perform or a delay in performing their obligations


It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes in a timely manner. We shall not be held liable for any changes made by you or your selected service providers.

For wedding planning services, it is your responsibility to inform all vendors, immediate family, the wedding party and anyone with a role in the wedding, that our staff will be coordinating the event, we are the sole contact for all matters related to the wedding and that we have your full authority to make any decisions on your behalf on the wedding day.  It is also your responsibility to provide us with contact names, telephone numbers, copies of contracts and any scheduled timetables for all service providers involved in the event no later than 14 days prior to the event.