Things To Do One Month Before Your Wedding

wedding planning last month

You’re almost there.

Just a few more weeks and it will actually be here!   There’s a lot of details to bring together to make all your planning actually turn into the day you’ve envisioned.  Read to the end to find out how to cut this list in half.

Here are twelve things to do in the month before your wedding…

1. Finalize your timeline

More than just what time your ceremony and reception start, you need to fill in all the details for the whole weekend.  Start with whenever you pick up rentals and start decorating the hall, and move forward.  As you confirm details with your vendors, you’ll be able to fill in details like when to pick up flowers, to let the caterer in, and to have the DJ run their sound test.  When I work with couples, we often end up with a timeline that is three pages long!

2. Finalize your layout

Your venue will need to know ahead of time where you want your tables and chairs set up.  If you’re having something outside, you’ll need to have a map for whoever you have lined up for set up.  This is also the time to make your seating chart for the reception if you’re having one (please have one!).   This can be a simple hand-drawn sketch, or if you’re up for it, there are lots of free floor planners available online.

3. Make a list of day-of items to collect

Pens for signing the license, the guest book, the rings, flowers, the card box, and everything else you can think of.  Start a list and keep adding to it as you think of things.  Then start a collecting them and checking them off, so they’re all ready to go on your wedding day.  You’ll also need to make sure there’s someone in charge of putting them where they need to go, because you’ll be busy getting married!

4. Make a list of things to do day-of

Same as above, there will be a hundred little things that can only happen at the last minute.  Lighting candles, moving flowers and décor, stowing away all the cards full of money, and the list goes on.  Start a list, and keep adding to it.  Then start assigning the jobs to someone.

5. Confirm plans with each vendor

Get in touch with every single person who will part of your wedding and confirm plans with them.  Make sure you are in agreement on start times, space needs, payment arrangements, and services offered.  As you go, add the information you go over to your timeline, items list, and jobs list.  You probably also want to keep a list of payments to make, just to be sure nothing gets missed.

6. Finalize your head count

Contact any guests who haven’t replied yet and figure out your final number.  Your caterer will need this number, and a few other people may as well.  Keep your seating chart updated as you go.

7. Get a marriage license

This one isn’t to complicated.  Just go to the Sask marriage license information page to find an issuer near you.  The trickiest part is just finding a time when you can both go in together.  Date night anyone?!

8. Get gifts for your wedding party and family

Now we start getting to the fun stuff!  Basically, anyone who is helping you out and not getting paid needs a thank-you gift, or at the very least a thoughtful note.  Things can get a bit elaborate these days, but often the most meaningful things are the little personal touches.

9. Have your final gown fitting

Who doesn’t love trying on their dress?  No one, that’s who.  Take someone with you to the final fitting so they can learn the right way to do up the bustle.  You can even schedule your hair and makeup trials for the same day and really get the whole experience a few weeks early!

That's me as a wedding planner.  Photo by Random Eyesight Studios.

10. Have your bachelor and bachelorette events

Here’s another place where weddings have gotten a little over the top.  Whether your friends are taking you to Vegas, or having a chill night at home, enjoy the time you have with them all together in one place!

11. Have your rehearsal

I know these are dreaded, but they can be quick and painless, and then you can move on.  And your wedding will go so much  smoother because you did.  Have someone experienced to run the show and have a plan going in.  Also, if you chose to have a giant wedding party, then just know that this is one of the cons of that choice (there are lots of pros too!).

12. Pack for your honeymoon

Assuming travel is something we’re allowed to do…pack up some pretty little things and look forward to some time just the two of you once all the craziness is done.

And there you have it!  Not an exhaustive list, but if you do all these things, you’ll be all set for your day.

Feeling like this is way too much?  Hire a wedding coordinator and they can basically take the entire first half of the list off your hands.  You’ll see that all you have left is the fun stuff!

You got this.

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