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We’re starting a new series of monthly vendor and venue features! Up first, is one of our favourite people to work with. Candace owns Bumble & Vine Photo (along with the other Bumble & Vine ventures). She and her second shooter, Matt, produce amazing wedding photos and are a dream to work with.

Here’s what she had to say when we asked her about her business…

>Tell us about your business and what you provide for an event.

Bumble & Vine provides photography for weddings and couples in love. We love a good proposal, adventure engagement sessions and intimate wedding days. We have packages that range from two hours of coverage during your ceremony to full day events with family and friends.

>Why do you love what you do?

We’re lucky enough to spend our days with couples wildly in love, surrounded by the people they love – what could possibly be better!? We love seeing how each couple and their relationship is unique and that makes every wedding day special to us.

>What’s the benefit of having someone like you involved in an event?

We bring a lot of experience, patience, and assurance to your wedding or event. We have over a decade of practice ensuring where we need to be when we need to be there, we carry backup equipment on us at all times with even more packed away in our bags, and we have actual insurance to ensure we’re all covered if something should happen.

>What makes you different from other photographers?

We’re friends who love to do what we do and try our best to be good at it. We care about your memories and how we factor into your day, and because of that we do our best to take care of you.

>What is included in your typical package?

All of our packages include two photographers with a range of time frames and number of digital images available. Travel is usually included, but we go over details like that when we’re going through the booking process.

>What’s the typical price range for your packages?

Our packages start as low as $1500

>How far in advance should people book your services?

It depends on the season you’re booking, but as soon as you have your date in mind you should look into booking your venue and the photographer of choice. If you’re working with a wedding planner that would be my first call because they can get you discounts and consideration you may not find outside of their services.

Check out the Bumble & Vine Photo website for more details on working with Candace.

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