Venue Review: Palliser Pavillion

The Palliser Pavilion is a popular wedding venue in Swift Current, SK.  If you’re thinking of hosting your wedding at the Palliser, here’s what you need to know.



The Palliser is the largest wedding venue in Swift Current, holding up to 400 people for your reception.  With that much space, you can host a wedding of almost any size and not worry about squeezing people in.

Palliser Pavilion Wedding
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While a lot of venues force guests to walk quite a ways, or search around for an open spot, the Palliser Pavilion has a large parking lot right outside the doors.  Make sure to ask for some reserved spaces if your wedding is going on at the same time as an event somewhere else in Kinetic Park.

Palliser Pavilion Wedding
Captured Photography by Nikki



The walls in the Palliser are mostly white, although there are some coloured tiles and doors around the room, so keep that in mind when choosing your decor.  The building is made of cinder block, `which can make it feel like a gymnasium, especially when the fluorescent lights are turned on.  There is also the massive garage door at one end.  It takes a significant amount of decor and planning to make that disappear.  In my opinion, you need to have a fairly significant decor budget to create a beautiful event inside this building.

Palliser Pavilion Wedding
Captured Photography by Nikki.  That’s the garage door hiding behind the draping.

You do not want to use the fluorescent lighting in this building.  Even turning on one row of the lights creates a section of the room that is unpleasant.  One bride described it with all the lights on as feeling like a ‘fowl supper.’  Not exactly the vibe you’re likely going for.  If you hold your wedding here, plan to rent a good amount of lighting to allow your photographer/videographer to capture quality images while still maintaining the ambiance you want for your guests.

Palliser Pavilion Wedding
Random Eyesight Studio
Palliser Pavilion Wedding
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The building is beginning to show it’s age in various areas.  The style of it in general is quite outdated.  The bathrooms are small and could use an update.  Caterers don’t appreciate the small and outdated kitchen.  There aren’t any issues that would ruin your day, but it is outdated in general.

If you do decide to host your wedding at the Palliser, the staff there are very helpful and make it easy to customize your floor plan to suit your needs.  You can book the venue for the whole weekend so that you have plenty of time to set up and take down.  Overall, the Palliser Pavilion is one of the most popular spots for weddings because of it’s size and ease of use.  If you don’t mind increasing your decor to create a custom space, then this is the place for you.

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